"Only as Good as the Ingredients" - Selecting Fiduciaries for your Estate Plan

There’s an analogy, often applied in the context of coaching, that a “chef is only as good as her ingredients.” Even mastermind strategists and coaches can only go so far without talented players to implement their game plans. The same can be true in crafting your estate-plan. As your counselors, we can help draft plans with thorough, well-stated directions and guidance for your fiduciaries (your executors, trustees, powers-of-attorney, and health-care agents), and good drafting can go a long way toward ensuring that your wishes are implemented appropriately. But—just as the best coaches out there are necessarily affected by the quality of the players on the field—so, too, will your estate

Discourage Litigation....Advice From a Litigator

In our consultations, we spend a great deal of time talking with clients about value propositions: how can we approach a case in a way that delivers the overall best value, even if that means seeking an early compromise. As often as not, that analysis results in us counseling our clients against litigation .... perhaps a surprising approach from attorneys who make their living litigating estates and trusts. At times, this is the most difficult part of our job. Clients often come to us when they are hurt, angry, and betrayed. Disputes over estates and trusts are different from commercial litigation matters, in that clients often come to us and say "It's not about the money, but..." Of course,

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