Mint Hill man convicted of elder exploitation - Mike Anderson serves as prosecution witness

Mike Anderson, who was a court-appointed Guardian ad litem for an elderly Mint Hill woman victimized by elder exploitation, testified this summer as a key witness for a prosecution in a case that resulted in a rare felony conviction for elder exploitation. The matter, first brought to the court system by attorney Mark Gott on behalf of the victim's family, commenced as a guardianship proceeding but caught the attention of the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's office - in part thanks to the efforts of Attorney Strat Kiger who was appointed a guardian of the estate for the victim - who prosecuted the offender and obtained a felony conviction. Read The Charlotte Observer's coverage here.

A New Tool Against Granny-Snatching

A New Tool Against “Granny Snatching” For years, those who might exploit, neglect, or otherwise endanger our most vulnerable victims—elderly, mentally handicapped, or mentally ill adults—have been able to escape the justice of North Carolina’s courts … simply by crossing state lines with the incompetent adult. Until now. On June 30, Gov. McCrory signed into law Session Law 2016-72, which becomes effective December 1. With its enactment, North Carolina becomes the forty-fifth state to enact the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act (“UAGPPA” or the “Act”), at long last embracing the act that was approved and recommended by the Uniform Law Commission back in 2007. (North C

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